The following are some pieces that were released in the December 2nd, 2018 Lab...
Silver rupee, variant 1
Silver rupee, variant 2
Brass, Peruvian Sol
Canadian copper penny
Japanese 50 sen, silver
See below for description of how The Lab works

Okay, let's get started...

"Everything is sold out."
If you are looking under "The Lab" tab, yes, everything probably sold out 20 minutes after the release of that particular Lab, but that is a past Lab and a new one is coming.  Lab pieces are one-of-a-kind, or limited edition.  I find stones I like and I wrap them in various metals in various ways.  Since I began wrapping stones and sharing them with those who were interested, my styles have changed, evolved, and (hopefully) gotten better...  As some of you know, I often work as an actor.  Whether I'm shooting in Los Angeles, on location, or auditioning, I make Lab pieces in the spaces in between.  Unfortunately, that means I can only make so many.

"I was robbed."
Since new Lab pieces are released in such small batches, a phenomenon has taken hold and people will often have their cart "robbed."  I can absolutely imagine how frustrating this is.  Yet, some who are reading this are smiling in victory, because they may have evaded that frustration by completing the purchase first in some past Lab release.  Other times, those same victors have also had pieces disappear from their cart.  As of now, this ecommerce platform does not have a way around this, as it is an uncommon phenomenon for most stores.  I apologize in advance if one of the pieces you covet disappears from your cart.

I also designed and make the items under the "Jewelry" tab.  Those pieces are much faster for me, so I make a stock of them and always try to have some ready for folks.  Eventually, I will discontinue each of those and replace them with new, equally elegant/simple designs.

"How do I buy Lab items?"
If you are on the mailing list, the one helper I have who does some intermittent administrative tasks, will send out two mailers that I draft the content for.  (I'm doing dictation as we speak, in fact...haha)  The hope is, to get folks ready and aware that a new Lab batch release is coming.  The first mailer is typically on the Wednesday before Lab Sunday.  The second mailer is typically the day before or the morning of.  The Lab items will start listing live at 12:00 noon (Pacific), usually on the dot.  The pieces sell out in approximately 20 minutes and will usually ship out in 1-2 days.  I have started to post pictures of upcoming Lab items under the "Lab Preview" tab on the website.  Hopefully, this will allow people to see what they like and what they will spend their guerrilla shopping energy on.

I am so grateful for your interest in my work. I hope you all stick around to see styles evolve and my craft excel.  Thank you for sharing this experience with me...

For flagship, stocked (but still handmade) items:

For one-of-a-kind or Limited Edition “Lab” items, which are released in batches: