Fortunate Wanderer is an outdoor adventure inspired company based in Los Angeles, California.

Fortunate Wanderer (FW) was founded by actor Ryan Paevey, at the urging of many who wanted to be able to own prints of his photography. Yet, FW has arguably been in the forging fire for 32 years, taking new shape for the past 3 years, with its edge merely sharpened in 2016.

But what began as an intent to share photography captured from the saddle of a steel horse on the many wanderings of Founder Ryan Paevey, has transformed into a more broadly represented scope. Now, not only are Fortunate Wanderer's images available to others, but so are a number of adventure inspired items. 
As a wanderer, you experience new places, new things, new people. You observe, you capture images, you find unique trappings that remind you of your journey once you're back home. Fortunate Wanderer has begun to build a brand for other Wanderer's of the world, offering everything a wanderer should have for their adventures - inspiration, gear, and trappings that become trimmings.
The flagship items Fortunate Wanderer has rolled out are trucker hats with the FW logo to gear up with when the sun is on your face and the wind is at your back, the wanderer’s Red Flag - a talisman for all who wander, postcards of Fortunate Wanderer’s images, and handmade jewelry of pieces that have been both, collected while wandering and pieces that are reminiscent of wanderings. All is in the spirit of restfulness from restlessness.

So, raise your Wanderer’s Red Flag, pull on your stack of anchorline bracelets, and tip that trucker hat.

Get outside and wander.